Retail Fixtures

Retail fixtures ( Gondulas & Display stands )

Retail Store Fixtures and Display Racks

Store fixtures and display racks are a creative way to draw attention to specific product lines thereby engaging the customer.  Using these fixtures, shoppers will have easy visibility of the items being displayed.  A merchandiser can increase interest and sales near the front counter or wherever there is a break in the display pattern.  Signage, lighting and traffic patterns throughout the store should be considered an important part of the retail environment.  Making sure a consumer knows where to find certain products is important so clarity in your signs is critical.  So are sight lines.  The consumer should be able to clearly see the entire store’s offerings giving him or her a sense of where they are in the store.  Finally, making sure your products can be seen effectively is dependent on your choice of lighting. Breathe some life into your retail sales floor with contemporary metal fixtures from Sameta. We offer a wide variety of option to customize your store. Choose from classic style display gondola fixtures with one, two, or three-way modules or pick a wall unit system to display your retail merchandise. Other contemporary metal fixture options include round tables, tubular 2-way freestanding displays, and u-shaped counter configurations. Don't forget about accessories for your display fixtures! We have waterfalls, hooks, bullnose shelving and bases to choose from! If you need help finding the optional metal fixtures for your retail environment, let us help you!

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